WPG Englisch

Main goals

  • Improvement of fluency
  • Critical approach to various media
  • Use of basic academic methods


  • Discussion and debate
  • Literary analysis (media texts, books, movies, TV or radio programmes….)
  • Research work in the library and on the internet
  • Presentations
  • Pair, group and project work
  • Creative writing, roleplay


Topics are chosen in accordance with the interests of the respective students and teachers.
Topics in recent courses were, for example:

  • Cultural Studies
      e.g. Christmas in Britain and the US
  • Countries
      e.g. Geographical and historical aspects of Canada
  • History
      e.g. The History of the United States from the Colonial Period to the Civil Rights Movement
  • Literature
      e.g. The Development of the American Short Story. Reading and analysis/interpretation of selected American Short Stories of the 19th and first half of the twentieth century
  • Movies
      e.g. A Beautiful Mind
  • Politics
      e.g. Basic principles of government in the US
  • Newspaper articles
      e.g. Brexit articles, etc.